Love Life


 Musikalische Leitung  James Holmes   Regie   Joan Anton Rechi   Bühne   Alfons Flores  Kostüm Mercé Paloma   Licht    Stefan Meik   Ton   Benedikt Kohlmann  Dramaturgie     Tatjana Beyer,    Rüdiger Bering   Studienleitung    Thomas Schmieger

Can Sam and Susan Cooper’s marriage still be saved? And when did their relationship crisis begin?
In a variety show, the never-aging married couple are led through 150 years of US history by the entertainers. In 1948, Kurt Weill created LOVE LIFE as a stylistic diverse musical that had great influence on the further development of the genre. It can be seen and heard for the first time in Germany at the Theater Freiburg!

December 14, 2017
7:30 pm
Freiburg, Germany
Theater Freiburg
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